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Only in Art will a rose grow without a thorn, and Mollie Rose is no exception.


The Australian/English Artist has already achieved so much in her career, being a Model, Social Ambassador, DJ, Performer and now Mumma to Bambie Rose, there seems to be no limit to her creative capabilities.


After years of successfully working as an international model, Mollie found herself tired of fitting into ‘other people’s boxes’ and decided to pursue her life long passion of music. Breaking onto the scene as a DJ she soon proved herself as a natural talent, playing at some of the biggest events and nightclubs around the country, supporting international acts such as Kid Ink, YG, Bow Wow and going on her first solo tour “Eyes Talk”.


Her unique style, captivating energy and musical talent have since gone on to grab the attention of music producers, designers and industry creatives alike, having worked with Jeffree Star, Brody Jenner, Tiffany & Co, Prada and Vogue, to name a few. Mollie Rose has proven herself as a versatile and entertaining performer, showcasing her singing and dancing talents in live shows and most recently featuring on Producer Chromz’s track titled “Falling”, which she also wrote.

Mollie Rose is determined to show the world what she has to offer as an artist.


“I’ve always loved performing and being on stage, its where I feel

most at home. Now not only do I want to show Australia what i can

do but the rest of the world!”

- MR  

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